Riding the Subway in Winter


This post was originally published on my Postach.io blog on December 8th, 2014

I live in NYC and take the subway every weekday. In the cold months, I often find that I am the only person in my “car” to strip down a few layers (i.e., take off my coat, vest) while everyone else is bundled up as if they are still outside.

I cannot say that I feel anxious when I am on the train, but I do worry that I am going to get sweat-soaked if I don’t take off a few layers. How is it that everyone else can stay dressed for 35 degree weather in a heated subway car?

My wife says that people create their own micro-climate, and that I can learn to do that if I, say, breathe. But I’m a pretty mindful person.

Another theory I have is that with Virgo Rising – the rising sign or ascendant being how I interact with my environment – I am just finicky and oversensitive to temperature. But I doubt I am the only person on the subway with that rising sign.

Maybe there’s an unwritten social script. If everyone took off their coats, there’d be no room to maneuver in the train. All those coats are bulky, and would take up more space if they were not enveloping bodies.

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