Launch Your Favorite Spotify Albums from Panic’s Status Board


This post was originally published on my blog on February 27th, 2015.

I created a script to show the album art for your favorite albums in Panic’s Status Board and let you tap on the cover art to launch that album in the Spotify for iPad app. (Launch Center Pro is required to make this work.)

You have to be comfortable going into the code, because this requires that you enter the album ID numbers on line 10. To find the ID number, go to my Spotify Album Search page. Let’s say that you never received the album that you didn’t ask for, Songs of Innocence by U2. Enter that into the search, and copy the link location of the one you want.

Just take the string after the last slash, and put it after the equals sign on line 10 of this HTML file. To add a second album, insert a comma after the 1st ID and then paste the 2nd ID. And so on.

Then upload this HTML file to your server, open the Status Board setup, choose the DIY widget, and enter the URL of your HTML file. I have optimized the cover art for a widget that is 4 blocks wide and however many tall (you can scroll down).