Get Your River of Dave Winer News on Panic’s Status Board


This post was originally published on my blog on February 25th, 2015.

I was revisiting Panic’s iPad app Status Board and realized I could display a river of news.

As an example, I’ve created a DIY widget featuring a “Dave Winer river.” Because many of his tweets are in this river, I’ve included a 🔗 next to links that are title-less (using the body instead). If you are on your iPad, click on this link to install it directly:


It’s easy to adapt this and use a different JSON source. While in the app, quadruple tap on the widget to see the source code, and change the url parameter in the script.

I had to precede all the links with launch://?url= to get them to escape to Safari; otherwise, they open in an iframe in the Status Board app. So Launch Center Pro is required if you want to tap on any of the links in the river.