A Simple Form for Publishing to MYWORD.IO


This post was originally published on my Postach.io blog on February 13th, 2015.

Dave Winer just open-sourced a new product, a Medium-like platform called myWord, which he defines as an “easy open source way to create nice-looking web pages for essays.”

The content is stored in JSON, which is not exactly an easy format for blogging in, so I wrote a script to easily write a post and output JSON which you can publish and then feed into myword.io.

It’s pretty simple. Just visit the form (or clone it from GitHub), enter your title, name, and background image, then write your essay in the box. Hit return after every paragraph. Use HTML. Then click on the “convert” button to output to JSON. Drop this in a text file, name it and append it with .json, and upload it to your server, or put in Dropbox and make it shareable. Then Append the URL to http://myword.io/?url=.

That’s how I wrote this post!